How I Help:

I am committed to coaching productivity skills that are customized to your situation, backed by scientific research, and sustainable. Whether you are feeling completely underwater in your current situation and don’t know how or where to start (check out my Get Started track) or you are highly motivated to tackle an important project but are struggling with prioritizing, time management and burnout (check out my Get It Done track), productivity coaching will break down the process and guide you to success and increased well-being.

My passion is helping others learn and practice how to live well by becoming the best version of themselves. There are things that we all struggle with every day. We are so busy, pulled in a million directions, and often sleep-deprived and zapped of energy and motivation. How often do you feel exhausted by dinner time after a busy day of running around, only to have the sense that you really didn’t accomplish what you needed to? If this rings true for you, then productivity coaching is the answer. Whether you are overwhelmed, in a rut, or faced with an important project, you will benefit from developing skills that support your three most precious resources: your time, your attention, and your energy.

Who I Help: